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Patrolling Requirements Checklist for 21/22 only

This year we have been given many requirements for reading, quizzes and processes in order to be volunteer patrollers with Vail/MRM. These policies apply to volunteer patrollers across all of Vail.  Updates are made on the website as fast as we can to keep up with the flow of information – SAFETY Page this is where you can find all the details and reference to official Vail documents.  I know it can seem confusing, but things are settling down now, so I’ve also created a simple checklist below for you to follow.  Note that the Blue links go to something you need to read or do – make sure you have addressed each one.

Patroller Checklist of Tasks for 21/22 Season Patrolling:

For Each Shift:  – Health Screening – reminder that you need to do this each time you come to MRM to patrol.  Follow the link on the home page; easy to do when you are signing in on Sling.

For All Patrollers/Mountain Hosts before first shift this season:

  1. Read our general patrol Safety Policies
  2. Review the Vail Volunteer Bloodborne Pathogens Program Training
  3. Review the Bloodborne Pathogens Program for Volunteers – Policies & Practices
  4. Take the Volunteer Bloodborne Pathogen Quiz
  5. Read the (Respiratory Protection Program) RPP Training 
  6. Take the quiz: RPP Training Quiz,
  7. Provide your electronic signature below to acknowledge: Vail Respiratory Policy
  8. Get your N95 Fit test – see your hill leader on your first shift if you do not have opportunity in advance when at area.  Note: N95s are expected to be worn when treating patients.
  9. Vaccinations – Show your vaccination card/photo to Ashley in the MRM office when possible before patrolling.
  10. After your record is shown to Ashley, complete Vail Volunteer Vaccination Tracking.
  11. Confirm/attest to your vaccination record for patrol: Vaccine Records Confirmation for Patrol 
  12. At some point you will receive an email from; when it arrives follow the instructions for the online medical evaluation process.

For Hill Leads or anyone who will be driving the Mule:

  • Complete the five steps listed under Mule Drivers on the Safety Page


This has been a moving target, but we are collecting information for those that wish to purchase dependent passes, so this link is active again.  Complete one entry for each requested pass.   Dependent Pass info.

Patroller pass issuance and refunds on current paid passes is still evolving, so stay tuned for notes from Wally.


Please check to confirm that all the info you wish to have available locally is correct.  This is not necessarily the same as what you have listed on  If you have updates – fill in the update card. ROSTER

Other info for the website?  Please email me at if you find anything inaccurate or if you would like to contribute info, photos, memories etc!  Thanks much!