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Instructor Development-Becoming an Instructor

NSP Instructors all begin their instructing journey with an important step – taking the Instructor Development Course. Following is some general information about Instructor Development as well as links to other NSP resources for Instructing and Mentoring. After reviewing these items, if you have questions or are interested in becoming an instructor, contact Cheryl Raudabaugh ( for more information.

STEP 1(a): NSP offers an Online Instructor Development course that is a prerequisite for teaching in all NSP disciplines. You can sign up for this course in the learning center on It is completely online and self-paced. When completed you will have a certificate posted in your personal area of the learning center.

STEP 1(b): Once the individual online course is completed, you will need to attend an additional session for materials review and practice teaching. This may be done via zoom, in a classroom session, or an instructor led class through the NSP Learning Center (new this year). 

A more detailed review of the overall process can be found here: Roadmap to Becoming an NSP Instructor

STEP 2: The next step in becoming an instructor is to arrange for Mentoring in your chosen discipline(s). More detailed information can be found here: MENTORING

STEP 3: Paperwork will need to be completed to document the mentoring and your monitored teaching then processed through region and division for actual assignment as a full instructor in the chosen programs.  Forms and Instructions can be found here:  INSTRUCTOR FORMS

Final Thoughts:  All instructors are expected to actively teach and to participate in continuing eduction.  Certifications are good for three years, and each program has specific requirements on keeping those certificates current so that we continue to provide top level educational opportunities to our members.