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MRM Schedule 2023-2024


The overall schedule is set up by week. We currently have Templates set up by Duncan respresenting provided information on when folks can patrol. The templates represent Week A and Week B, and allow you to scroll through the days based on positions served (Hill leaders, sled pullers, candidates, etc). If there are issues noted please refer first to Duncan via email or Homebase.

Week A Schedule

Week B Schedule

A & B Weekend Calendar

Reminders for Shift Responsibility

Everyone is responsible for working 1.1 hours for each day the Hill is opened – approximately 8hrs per week. If you are not scheduled for 8 hours per week, it is expected that you increase your hours at other times by “free patrolling,” subbing for others, or picking up the extra shifts that will be made available for holidays and upcoming mid-mads.

Please use HomeBase to find coverage if you are unable to make your shift – remember that you need to find coverage at least at your same role – sled pullers find sled pullers.   Watch this video for an actual MRM video to help you thru the process. FINDING COVERAGE VIDEO

HomeBase General Information

MRM Patrol is on its own tracking system called HomeBase. Homebase allows us to not only track hours but to also message one or more people, and to arrange for shift coverage directly. Here are links to a couple You Tube videos that may help you orient to the new system. Intro to HOMEBASE for general information, MESSAGING YOUR SHIFT can be helpful for important news as well as for simple items like what folks are bringing to the potluck. GETTING SHIFT COVERAGE will help you set up for swaps or other coverage.