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OEC Refresher

Our OEC Refresher date is October 16 as listed in our events calendar when we will be refreshing our OEC skills to prepare for the upcoming season. As in the past several years, we are doing the Hybrid version of the OEC refresher.  All OEC Technicians are required to to complete the online computer course prior to attending the Refresher. 

  1. You must complete the Online Refresher before registering for the on site portion.  See instructions below.
  2. Once you have completed the online refresher you will then be able to register.  This much be done before you can participate in the local refresher.
  3. Finally, you must sign the online liability release for the event before participating.  You can access from here RELEASE, or under Programs/OEC/Refresher/Release.
  4. Head to MRM on Oct 16 and be signed in and ready to start the day by 8am.

Instructions for Online Refresher (scroll through pages inserted below):