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OEC Refresher

Our OEC Refresher date is October 15 as listed in our events calendar when we will be refreshing our OEC skills to prepare for the upcoming season.  All OEC Technicians are required to to complete the online computer course in addition to attending the Skills Refresher.  If you are unable to make the Oct 15 date for MRM, towards the bottom of this page is a list of current Ohio Region options to attend the refresher at other areas.

STEP A: Complete the Online Refresher first! Although it is no longer mandatory to complete before you attend the skills session, it will be valuable in setting you up for success when you come to display your skills.    The 2023 OEC Refresher Cycle A online modules have a new professional look, allow you to consume content at your own pace, and participate in optional activities to check your understanding. Now 95% ADA compliant, they are complete with text, visual, and audio. To enroll:

  1. Log into click on Sign In, enter your username and password.
  2. Click on Center for Learning at the top of your screen.
  3. Click on the Yellow Browse Catalog Button.
  4. Click on Featured Learning or search for 2023 OEC Refresher Cycle A Online Modules.
  5. Enroll in the Online Modules.
  6. Navigate to the Blue Learning Center button where you will now see the course listed under Current items to launch the course.

Please note! the Online portion of the refresher is no longer required to be completed before you can register for the Skills Refresher, but we are responsible for confirming that you have done it before you patrol.  Once you have completed the Online course, we need you to print the certificate to file, or display it on your screen and take a photo with your phone, then you will need to upload to MRM as this is a requirement for patrolling and must be submitted before Nov 12.  Upload your certificate here:  UPLOAD FILES

STEP B:  In addition to completing the online refresher you also must register for our local skills refresher through the learning center.  You must register in advance to participate in the local refresher, but you no longer need to have finished your online modules before you can register!  Registration is done the same as above except you will be looking for the Instructor Led course:

  1. Under the general category of 2023 OEC Refresher, select our location or narrow your search to: 2023 OEC Refresher Cycle A Skills – Mad River Mountain, then select our session for your specific enrollment.

STEP C: Finally, you must sign the online liability release for the event before participating.  You can access from here RELEASE, or from the main menu select Programs/OEC/Refresher/Release.

Head to MRM on Oct 15 and be signed in and ready to start the day by 8am.

Here’s the Region Schedule for Refreshers for those that can’t make ours at Mad River.  Note that Boston Mills has two and Paoli’s is the “last chance” in the Ohio Region.  Reach out to the patrol that you select to confirm attendance before showing up!

BMBWAV Saturday September 23, 2023
PNS Saturday September 30, 2023
Snow Trails Sunday October 1, 2023
BMBWAV Sunday October 1, 2023
Mad River Sunday October 15, 2023
Paoli Saturday November 18, 2023