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OEC Refresher

Our OEC Refresher date is October 17 as listed in our events calendar when we will be refreshing our OEC skills to prepare for the upcoming season. As in the past several years, we are doing the Hybrid version of the OEC refresher.  All OEC Technicians are required to to complete the online computer course prior to attending the Refresher. 

  1. Before October 8 enroll in C137210007 via / Members / Course Schedule and enroll in the OEC Regular Refresher.
  2. Complete the online training and workbook exercises as detailed below and email to .
    • Log into and from your homepage select “Online Learning” then enter the “Online Learning Management System”.  Once in, select the “COURSES” button towards the top of the page.  This will take you to the current online courses available.  You want to select and complete “2021 OEC Refresher B – Online Module”.

      Once you have completed the online module, a Certificate of Completion will be provided for you.  Email your Certificate of Completion to receive credit by no later than October 15.   Note: The course IOR cannot look up completion certificates online.  It is your responsibility to email the Certificate of Completion to the IOR on or before the date requested for credit.

    • Read the Workbook complete the exercises on the separate answer sheet and then email the Answer Sheet only.  Interactive Answer Sheet Doc
  3. Electronically sign the online release for the regular refresher:  OEC Refresher Release
  4. Head to MRM on October 17th with your pack in hand, ready to refresh your skills.  Please check our website before coming for latest Safety Protocols