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Become A Member

Become a Member

Who Can Join?
We don’t require a medical or a first responder background.  We only require that you have a willingness to learn, the desire to help others, and a positive attitude.  Our all volunteer organization attracts members from almost every background and experience.

Benefits of Joining
Since our work is snowsport oriented, you will get a tremendous amount of skiing/riding during the ski season.  Aside from receiving some of the best emergency care education and training, you will be involved with a great group people where camaraderie and FUN rules!

Ski Along

This is an opportunity to spend a day with Ski Patrol, find out more about requirements, and meet some of the dedicated folks who already patrol.  Please contact us if you are interested in joining patrol or knowing more.

To learn more about what the Ski Patrol is check out this link – Ski Patrol: Who and What They Are

Find out more about how Ski Patrol really works – kidding – but this is an amusing take on Patrolling!



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