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S&T Training Resources

There are so many resources available to assist us as trainers and when working on our own skills, but a good place to start is within the NSP Central Division and Ohio Region in particular for toboggan skills and for senior testing criteria. PSIA/AASI provides ski/ride fundamentals and standards that are used by our instructing staff in developing our training programs. You Tube has a wealth of videos that can provide ideas in addressing certain skill sets or blending of skills. Collecting materials from a variety of sources will allow a trainer/coach to build their own bank of tasks and ideas to make your class sessions more effective.

Central Division: The Senior Program area on nspcentral is the site for candidates to register for the senior program, and to find all sorts of resources for candidate information, training tips, and forms. The videos area will show You Tube demonstrations of standards for senior level ski/ride.

Ohio RegionOET Resources has a large collection of materials including Pathway to becoming an OET Instructor, workshop/seminar descriptions, terminology, toboggan tips and videos, and some basic ski videos. There are also links to a variety of PSIA and You Tube videos worth reviewing.

PSIA/AASI Resource Options:

Toboggan Resources: In addition to the Region OET Resources web page, following are a few specific items to review:

Other Resources: