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ICS-100 Course Information

The NSP National Board passed a resolution requiring all patrollers to complete the ICS-100 course requirement.  All incoming candidates will be required to take this course as part of their OEC training.  Current patrollers have until December 31, 2019 to complete the course for their requirement.

The ICS-100 course is a self-paced online program that can be found at

Everyone should select the ‘Web Based Course’ on the right to get started.  Full instructions and the ICS Course manual are linked here for review also.

Once you complete the FEMA online course AND Pass the exam you will receive a Certificate of Completion:

  1.  You then have to Register for our LOCAL ICS 100 Course on – Course ID #C137180030
  2.  Email or provide a copy of your Completed Certificate from the FEMA Online ICS 100 course to Twyla Southall.

When the NSP course is closed you will receive Credit.  It is good for life.