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Ski/Ride & Toboggan Alpine Standards

This page is intended for MRM patrollers/candidates to stay in sync on the expected ski/ride and toboggan skills standards.  It can be used in conjunction with S&T Training Resources.  

The following is the local standard expected; however, we always strive to help you to be better skiers/riders, performing at a higher level than this base performance as well as moving towards senior level.  We will continue to add more materials in both areas as available.

General Alpine Ski/Ride Standard:  Candidate demonstrates versatility by varying turn shape, size, and line on all terrain available.   Skiing-specific: Non-dynamic open parallel rounded, skidded turns shaped with mostly matched skis to help with speed control.   Snowboard-specific: Non-dynamic rounded, skidded turns shaped to help with speed control.

Sample training videos:

General Toboggan Standards:  Following are links to some senior standard videos which can be used as a guide.  We will update with a local standard video as available.