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Powderfall 2024 MRM Style

Five MRM patrollers (Dave McKenna, Sue Tkach, Wally Taylor, John Musto, & Nick Tippett) recently spent April 9-14 at the NSP Powderfall 2024 conference in Vail Colorado.

They participated in on-the-hill sessions involving alpine skiing, telemark skiing, and several specialized toboggan skills including running a 4-handled toboggan. Indoor sessions included risk management, therapy dogs, and rope skills (to name a few.)

Wally gave a presentation about our Mountain Host program which was attended by the CEO of the Canadian Ski Patrol.  “Up North,” they are looking at different ways to increase recruiting and decrease barriers for entry into patrolling and are intrigued by what we do at MRM.  They want to start some type of “patroller assistant” program.

The next Powderfall conference will be in Spring 2026.  The location is expected to be announced in late Spring 2025 with registration opening in Fall 2025.  Perhaps we should strive for an even larger contingent then?

It is a lot of fun!  Just ask any of the past participants.