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MRM Patrol – Vail Safety Protocols

Following is a summary of health and safety practices that are expected to be followed by all Vail resort locations for 21/22 season. We are providing checklists and recommendations to help you navigate these requirements. See general policies lower on the page or click here: Patrol Safety Policies

Please review the following items and begin reading documents provided and doing the quizzes – each of these areas will need to be complete by the first week on duty unless otherwise noted. TO DO links are highlighted in Blue

Health Screen: Each day that we volunteer you are required to formally complete a health screening, same as last year. Please follow this link to the online screening before you come to the hill. This is also accessible directly from the home page by clicking the health icon. Mad River Mountain Volunteer Health Screen Form.

Blood Borne Pathogens: All are required to completed the linked quiz to confirm understanding after review of the Vail training policy documents:

Mule Drivers – Applicable to Hill Leaders and Assistant Hill Leaders only (or as assigned by PD)

Respiratory Protection Program: There will be a repeat of the query that we received last year. A new link will come to each of you via email before opening and needs to be completed at that time. You will receive two emails from RespClearance: one with log-in information and another with a link to complete your medical evaluation online. Vail has a specific Health & Safety policy for respirator use (mask wearing). Please review the document in this link or here RPP Training and take the quiz: RPP Training Quiz, then provide your electronic signature below to acknowledge: Vail Respiratory Policy

Also, we will be doing the N95 fit screening process again this year. Expect to be processed through the quick fitting and receive a new N95 in your first week on shift. NOTE: N95 mask use is considered a requirement when treating patients in the patrol room.

Vaccine Verification: All volunteer patrollers must present their COVID-19 vaccination documentation (card or photo) in person to Ashley Goings, the Vail volunteer coordinator or to GM Larry Kuebler before patrolling. Minimum vaccination is two doses of Pfizer or Moderna, or one dose of J&J. It is currently expected that this verification will occur on your first duty shifts. NOTE: As soon as you present your vaccination doc to the assigned manager, then you must submit your attestation that you have accurately and truthfully represented your vaccination status. You will do that by entering/submitting this form: Vail Volunteer Vaccination Tracking. Finally, please let us know that you have submitted proper vaccine verification by updating your info here (or click on the vaccine image on the home page): Vaccine Records Confirmation for Patrol Note: do this AFTER you have been checked off by Vail!

MRM Patrol General Safety Policies as of December 2021:

  • Patrollers: As of Jan 1 2022 – Masks are required indoors at all times unless actively eating/drinking.
  • Guests/Dependents: Proof of vaccination is required of Anyone wishing to dine indoors throughout Vail Resorts; guests are also required to wear masks indoors except when actively eating/drinking.
  • Patrol Room Access: Patrollers can again bring their guests/dependents into the Patrol Room (aid room/boot room) if vaccinated (anyone over 5yr). The patroller is responsible for confirming/attesting that the guest is vaccinated and the hill leader has option to request proof to be shown before allowing them in. Guests may be asked to leave the patrol room if too crowded and/or active incidents in process.
  • Patrollers should only eat in the breakroom. A patroller bringing dependent into breakroom is responsible for confirming vaccination is complete.
  • Clean and disinfect all common areas daily, twice daily for frequently touched surfaces. Reminder to practice good hygiene, including hand washing or hand sanitizer.
  • There are no reservations this year for volunteers, employees, or guests.

Additional References for Optional Review: