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Shift Absences

Now that we are 2 weekend into the 21-22 season, I’d like to re-establish what constitutes an excused and unexcused absence for patrollers, candidates and mountain host. The following are not new procedures for excused/unexcused absences, but rather an affirmation of the Patrol expectations for anyone who cannot work their scheduled shift.

It is a patroller, candidate and mountain host’s individual responsibility to attempt to find a sub for a schedule shift he/she cannot cover. At a minimum, the sub should have similar qualification to the individual requesting a sub (candidate’s cover for candidate’s, sled pullers cover for sled pullers, ect…). If you are successful at securing a substitute, you need to communicate to the shift Hill Leader that you will not be at that shift and provide the name for individual who will be substituting for you. This needs to be communicated BEFORE the shift starts. This is considered an excused absence.

It is always expected that you will find a substitute for your schedule shift, but sometime that is not possible. If you are unsuccessful at securing a substitute, you need to communicate to the shift Hill Leader that you will not be able to cover your shift and have been unable to find a substitute. This needs to be communicated 24 HOURS BEFORE the shift starts. This will allow the Hill Leader to review remaining personnel for that shift, and possible ask for additional help if coverage for that shift is minimal. Even though substitute was not secured, given you attempted to find a substitute and communicated your absence to shift Hill Leader 24 hours before the shift starts, this can be considered an excused absence.

Please note, it is expected you will communicate your absence directly to the Hill Leader for that shift. A message to anyone other than the shift Hill Leader (Wally, Sallie, Duncan, or anyone else), is not considered communication to the shift Hill Leader. Additionally, a message sent out on Sling requesting substitute does not constitute informing the shift Hill Leader. It takes 1 minute to send any email or sling instant message directly to the Hill Leader.

If you do not inform the shift Hill Leader that you will be absent within above mentioned timeframes (before shift starts if you have sub or 24 hours before shift starts with no sub), Hill Leaders will have the leeway to consider your absence as unexcused.

We all count on each other to show up for scheduled shifts and be ready to assist. Sometimes our professional and personal schedules require us to be absence from our scheduled patrol shift. All we ask is you attempt to find sub and communicate directly to Hill Leader in advance. This is a very reasonable expectation.

Thank you,

Tom Tavenner / APD Operations