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Info About Passes – Update #3

The following is pasted from an email message that I received at 6 PM, Friday, 12/17/21

Note that we all will be issued new Volunteer Passes.

I will be sending a list to the office of those patrollers that have not paid 2022 NSP dues.  Those patrollers will not be able to pick up their Volunteer Pass or purchase a Dependent Pass until dues are paid.  Please pay your dues.  I will be checking the roster on Monday morning, 12/20/21 and forwarding a list.

This information does not include the process for refunds.  That is still “in the works.”  If you go to the window, ask if they are prepared to also do a refund. Then let me know.

Hi Wally,

Some updates and information on Patrol Passes & Dependent Passes.

  • Patrol Passes will be printed Monday and Patrol will be able to pick them up at the ticket windows.
  • Any passes that did not get picked up before opening day we can give you on opening day morning for you to hand out to patrol
  • New patrollers that have not gotten a picture taken yet we will be unable to print until they stop by the office (I can let you know if we have any once PSS is done going through the patrol list and printing passes by EOD Monday)
  • Dependent information- Please continue to send any approved updates to Matt and CC me into the email
  • Dependent passes are $80
  • Dependents passes can be picked up and paid for at the guest service windows. They are holding office hours this week Mon- Thurs 10am-5pm.

I would also say any patrol that hasn’t shown proof of vaccine can do so when they pick up their passes, they just need to ask for me when getting their passes. We will be printing all new passes for this season we are unable to reload last season’s passes. As always please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you and have a great weekend,

Ashley Goings

Sr. Asst: Administrative

Mad River Mountain