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Update on Passes

On Monday, 11/27/23, I sent our roster in to MRM Management.  Since that time, many of us have received an email sent from “” with a $0.00 order confirmation for a 23/24 Comp Pass.  If you received this email, please go to your Epic Account and confirm that you have this under “PASSES.”  In addition, you will also have to e-sign the liability release in order for your card to properly scan in the lift line.  If you need a new card, you can get one at any ticket window.

If you did not receive the email, check your Epic Account anyway.

If you do not have confirmation of an activated 23/24 pass, please let me know.

We are still likely to have issues like duplicate profiles, people not matching email addresses, and people not signing the liability release.

Some of you may also want to consider activating “Resort Charge” under your profile.  That way your credit card is connected to your pass.  When you are purchasing any of the gourmet food at MRM cafeteria, you scan your pass for the 50% discount and pay at same time.

If you want to purchase $80 dependent passes, please make sure that you have entered your data through the google form on our website.  I will be sending this over to the office on Monday, 12/4/23.  This does not commit you to buy a dependent pass.

The MRM ticket window will not sell you a dependent pass unless your dependents’ name is on the list that I provide.

Think Snow!

Wally T