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Patrol Leadership Updates

MRM Ski Patrol has been fortunate to have Wally Taylor in the role of Patrol Director in the past two seasons and this year he will finish up the final year of his term.  He has elected not to continue for a second term, and the Executive Board is pleased to confirm and present his successor, Sallie Evans.  

Sallie is well prepared to step into the patrol director (PD) role effective July 1 2024.  She is currently serving as one of Wally’s Assistant PD’s as well as previous patrol roles, brings outside corporate management experience, and as a recent retiree, Sallie now has more flexibility in her personal schedule to help accommodate the increased demands of this position.  Sallie will serve as our internal director, as our official link to Vail Resorts management, and as our representative to the Ohio Region of the National Ski Patrol.

Wally will have Sallie by his side this year to provide for a smooth transition next year, and going forward Sallie will have the Executive Board as well as her own team to support the efforts of continuing to make this a successful and productive patrol with a positive environment for all patrollers.

Please congratulate Sallie on her upcoming role and thank her for being willing to step up to the challenge. 


The MRM-SP Executive Board is comprised of active patrollers with a National/Leadership appointment and any past Patrol Directors. The group currently has 10 members and tallies over 300 years of combined NSP service.   Members for 2024: Chris Raudabaugh, Todd Shurtz, Cheryl Raudabaugh, Jim Vickroy, Troy Southwick, Tom Tavenner, Scott Griffith, Troy Green, John Norris, Wally Taylor.