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2023 Candidates – OEC Graduates!

Please meet our 2023 Class, all of whom have now passed their final OEC Exams!

  • Josiah Tugaeon is the final JT brother.  He is a home-schooled Sophomore.  He skis, enjoys music, plays the cello and tennis, and scale modeling.
  • JaniceTugaeon is head of the JT patrolling clan.  The clan includes 4 sons and a husband.  She enjoys gardening, cooking and walking her dog.  
  • Mike Erdelsky is married with two children.  He is a retired Honda Engineer who enjoys hiking, running and skiing.
  • Jason Feinstein brings us experience.  He is a Navy Veteran, former firefighter and paramedic.  Today, he owns a gym and enjoys powerlifting.  Thank you for your service.
  • Erin Broestl is a skier and married mom of 8 children.  In her “spare” time she is a book editor.
  • Cynthia Hooper is a skier and cardiac care nurse who enjoys Renaissance Festivals (in costume) and video games.
  • Lori and Xander Yerington are mother and son snowboarders.  They have made OEC a family affair with husband/dad Chris acting as their always available patient.   Lori and Xander both enjoy hiking and pickleball.  Xander is a senior in high school with a second degree Black Belt.