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Additional Update on Passes

Info provided in the previous “Update on Passes” is still current.

I have downloaded from our Google drive and submitted to the MRM office the list of dependents eligible for purchasing an $80 dependent pass.

The MRM ticket window will not sell you a dependent pass unless your dependent’s name is on the list that I provide.

Here are some anecdotes that I have picked up in regard to passes. 

Last season, some people were able to phone in to the MRM office and purchase a dependent pass over the phone with a credit card.  Once the Dependent Pass is on your profile, the card from last year should be reactivated or you can go to any Vail ticket office and have one printed.  As with our Volunteer Pass, a liability release will need to be e-signed.

New this season is the ability to have passes scanned at the lift with the “My Epic” mobile app.  If one activates this option, the associated plastic card will be deactivated.  I am choosing to stay with the plastic card.

For those of you who purchased some type of Epic pass prior to the season, and want a refund, go to the ticket counter or office at MRM and pick up an “Employee/Dependent Pass Refund Form” and fill it out.  Write in “Patrol” for both employee number and Department.  Use 10/15/23 (OEC Refresher) as “First day worked.”  Make sure that the person helping you makes sure it goes to Matt Titus.

I am 99% sure that our passes “Exclude Holiday Access” for areas out West.  Vail is using the term “Restricted Peak Dates.”  (Formerly known as “Blackout Dates.”)  This season the dates are 12/26/23 to 12/31/23, 1/13/24, 2/17/24, & 2/18/24.

  I have not been supplied with this season’s policy letter and am trying to confirm.

Think Snow!

Wally T.