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Update on Dependent Passes

I hope all had a nice Holiday Weekend.  Since it may still be a week or so before we open, I have been working with Matt Titius on options for purchasing Volunteer Dependent Passes.

Remember, your name and your dependents’ names must be on the list that I sent into the MRM office.

  1. You can always wait until the ticket counter is open at MRM and purchase your passes in person. Please refrain from getting in line if it is crowded. If you are on shift, your patrolling duties take precedent.  (Check with Hill Leader.)
  2. If you are a returning patroller, with a credit card on file, you can email Matt Titus directly at Be specific as for whom you want the dependent passes.  In addition, you must include the statement, “I authorize charging my credit card ending in XXXX” – in which “XXXX” are the last four digits of the credit card you have on file in your Epic Profile.

Hope to see all on the snow soon.

Think cold!

Wally T.