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Patrolling Requirements for 23/24

Following are patroller requirements and some basic TO DO’s for the upcoming season, some of which you will have already received other notes on. Please review below and make sure that you have completed all requirements for each area.

  1. VAIL EPIC Pass – you will be using the same pass that you were issued last year, but we need to have the assigned pass number that is on your card. Please complete this input form to provide that information – EPIC Pass NOTE: The email used for your EPIC pass account profile needs to match the email in your NSP account. If it currently does not, get them in sync asap.
  2. Passes – refunds for early season pass purchases should work the same as in previous years; we’ll update if that changes. For Dependent passes, enter your information here: Dependent Pass purchase. Note – dependent passes are not available to those in their first year patrolling.
  3. CPR – Make sure that you have completed your CPR test if needed for this year. Take the text answer sheet to the On The Hill or make other arrangements if for some reason you can not attend on the 12th. CPR Certification Process
  4. Pay Dues – dues for this year will be $20. From the main menu of our website select MEMBERS>PAY DUES, or follow this direct link. Note the page will require your regular password. Bonus! If you volunteered for either or both of the Savage Race or Swap/Fall Festival your dues are waived – thanks for contributing – we know who you are!
  5. Scheduling – The current schedule information can be found under MEMBERS > SCHEDULE. if you have not already done so, please make sure to send in your scheduling requests so that Duncan can put a bow on our schedule. Please contact him directly with any exception items. SCHEDULING 23/24
  6. Homebase – we will continue to use Homebase as our main system for quick messaging, ways to contact your shift mates and requests for coverage. There are You Tube videos on how to use the system – a common item is linked here: GETTING SHIFT COVERAGE will help you set up for swaps or other coverage.
  7. Roster – Please check to confirm that all the info you wish to have available locally is correct.  This is not necessarily the same as what you have listed on  If you have updates – fill in the update card. ROSTER This link will also help you update for the official nsp listings and to make sure that you are in sync with your EPIC profile..