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Important Safety Updates

Now that we have started our on-snow patrol season you have all seen the various signs throughout the patrol room and MRM, and hopefully have read our Safety Procedures for this year as required. Following are some important reminders and rules as set by Vail management:

  • ALL doors to the patrol room are to remain locked per Vail. To enter, you should be able to ring doorbell to flag patrollers inside, or go to the hallway and enter code. Remember flow for patients when possible: enter from outside door, exit through hall.
  • A minimum of one patroller must remain in the patrol room during all open hours. This person will respond to phone calls and the doorbell, dispatching or calling for additional help as needed.
  • Non-Patrol Personnel are not allowed. That means no friends, family, dogs, cats etc. Patrollers only.
  • Wear your mask at all times except when actually eating/drinking in kitchen, or if alone in the patrol’s business office. We have extra surgical masks if needed.
  • Kitchen area – maximum of two people. Be cautious to at least maintain distance in other areas and minimize count of patrollers inside when possible.
  • Covid Screening – if you have any patients that are determined to be Covid-High in your initial screening, advise the hill leader – who will note it on the end of shift report. This is important for early tracking/tracing if needed. Below is a small print size pdf of the Vail Covid Screening items – it will go on a 4×6, or if cut close can then be used with an index card size laminate insert.
  • Loft – this is a great space to escape if you are not required in the patrol room but are ready to come inside. Most times it is available for our use. Spread out and wear your masks. You are welcome to go there with your lunch too.

If you have any questions on this year’s unique protocols, rules set by Vail, or other safety items, please contact Cheryl R or Scott G.