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Check-in, Epic ID, Break Room

Check-in with the Hill Leader or Asst Hill Leader when you arrive/ depart the Hill for your assigned shift. They will mark you as on-shift.

Epic Pass ID # – Please add your Epic ID # to the file linked here or text/email it to Twyla. If you do not see your name, just add it to the bottom of the list.

The loft is available for Employee (Patrol) use as a break room (except on extreme busy days when MRM uses it as an overflow). Feel free to eat lunch in the loft.

Patrol Youtube videos new ‘how to’ videos added to the library. Be sure to subscribe to the page for future notifications. Newest videos at the top.

COVID questions printed on card and available on the Patrol desk, only take 1, keep in your vest.

COVID Symptoms or exposure – please do not come to the Hill, notify Hill Leader and follow self-quarantine guidelines on our website. Safety First.

Subs – please confirm with your Hill Leader if they need you to secure a sub 1st. And if a sub is needed, sled pullers need to have sled pullers sub for them.