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Patrolling Requirements for 22/23

Following are patroller requirements for Vail Resorts as well as some basic TO DO’s to get you ready for the season. Thankfully we are past the tight requirements for masking and other screenings, but we do have some health and safety requirements as set by Vail. Please review notes below, complete the requirements for each area. Then you can also make note of some of the upcoming season needs.

For All Patrollers/Mountain Hosts before first shift this season:

  1. Read our general patrol/Vail Safety Policies – this will have links need for the requirements listed. Note, you can find the Safety Page at any time on the website. Look for the first item under MEMBERS in the main menu.
  2. ALL patrollers will need to review materials and complete the three requirements for Blood Borne Pathogens.
  3. ALL patrollers will need to review materials and take a quiz for the Respiratory Protection Program.
  4. After you are done, you will provide your electronic signature below to acknowledge: Vail Respiratory Policy Acceptance
  5. N95 Fit test – see your hill leader on your first shift if you do not have opportunity in advance when at area. 
  6. Vaccinations are no longer required, but please be respectful of those that do chose to wear masks when working or visiting our patrol area.

For Hill Leads or anyone who will be driving the Mule:

  • Complete the four steps listed under Mule Drivers on the Safety Page


If you are not already set on your schedule for the year, please reach out to Duncan ASAP! Note, we will be returning to minimum hours requirements this year.


MRM Patrol is on its own tracking system called Homebase. Homebase allows us to not only track hours but to also message one or more people, and to arrange for shift coverage directly. Here are links to a couple You Tube videos that may help you orient to the new system. Intro to HOMEBASE for general information, MESSAGING YOUR SHIFT can be helpful for important news as well as for simple items like what folks are bringing to the potluck. GETTING SHIFT COVERAGE will help you set up for swaps or other coverage.

Pay Dues

Dues will again be $18 for our local patrol.  From the main menu go to MEMBERS>PAY DUES or follow this direct link:  DUES


Wally will providing further information on passes for your dependents and this year’s procedure for refunds on early ticket purchases.. However if you wish to get started, please click here to enter your information:   Dependent Pass info.


Please check to confirm that all the info you wish to have available locally is correct.  This is not necessarily the same as what you have listed on  If you have updates – fill in the update card. ROSTER

Other info for the website?  Please email if you find anything inaccurate or if you would like to contribute info, photos, memories etc!  Thanks much!