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2021 NSP Election

The annual NSP election opened up for voting on October 15th. Not only will you vote to select 4 candidates to fill open seats on a 13 member National Board, but there is also an additional ballot question. This is an Amendment to the NSP Bylaws that would classify Mountain Hosts and Bike Hosts as traditional members versus Associate members.

I encourage all patrollers to exercise your right to vote and have your voice heard. It is important to be involved in our education organization. Below is a link to the pamphlet that lists all the candidates and their backgrounds. Please consider who you would like to represent us at the national level. Also, don’t forget to consider the ballot question listed above.

More information about the candidates and voting ballot can be found at: NSP Election Information

Election Information Pamphlet: Download Here

As always, I will offer my opinion on candidates and the Ballot question if you wish. However, please read over the information and make your own decision if at all possible. Just send me an email if needed. Voting ends Dec 1st.