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Evergreen Planting for Earth Day

April 22, 2023 will be this year’s planting of trees coordinated by the MRM Ski and Ride School. See below for more information as provided by Ed Haas and thanks to John Norris for sharing with patrol:

In the spring of 2019, we started a program to plant evergreen trees along the runs at Mad River Mountain.  You have probably noticed some of the 800 trees that have been planted so far.  Some are ready to be removed from the cages that protect them from deer (and to a lesser extent from skiers and boarders).   

The vision is to enhance the natural beauty of the resort by planting conifers in the tree-lines of the runs, bringing year-round color, bio-diversity, and natural wind-breaks that would help us maintain our snow base.   

This spring we will be replacing trees that have died, repairing damaged cages, removing some cages, planting and caging trees in new areas, and potting newly purchased bare root trees to allow them to mature in our “nursery”.  

Attached are photos one of our very tall white pines next to my wife Wendy and trees in our nursery that are ready to go into the ground this spring

We are looking for volunteers to assist us (rain or shine) on:

Saturday, April 22nd, 2023 – 10:00am to 4:00pm

This is a great way to celebrate Earth Day 2023!

We will be meeting at:

19 Sugarbush Way

Zanesfield, OH  43360

This is in the campground behind the quad at the top of the hill.  To get there take Snow Valley road past the end of Mad River’s parking lot and go left at the fork up the hill. At the stop sign turn left. At the top of the hill you will enter Mountaintop Campground. Continue straight on the gravel road and look for a red park model and red barn on the left about 1/4 mile. We are in lots 19-21.  

Be sure to wear a long sleeve shirt, pants and shoes/boots suitable for rugged and wet terrain.  Please bring gloves and eye protection to guard against thorny brush.  

We will provide refreshments and a lunch.  This is a family friendly activity and you are welcome to extend this invitation to anyone that might enjoy helping.  

Please email me at or text me at 614-886-2291 if you can make it!

More on the program:

The evergreen planting program at Mad River Mountain was started with the approval of Josh Faber, Peak Resorts GM and with the guidance of Steve McGinnis, Logan County Service Forrester for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. It has funded entirely by donations from Ski and Ride School instructors, Ski Patrollers, and passionate MRM guests.  The program has received continued support from Vail GMs Trent Poole and Larry Kuebler.  

We selected three evergreen species indigenous to Ohio (White Pine, White Cedar, Eastern Hemlock) and one other particularly disease resistant species (Norwegian Spruce) and guided us on the most effective and environmentally safe ways to displace the highly invasive Asian Honeysuckle ( ) and Autumn Olive ( ) that comprise must of the brush lining the deciduous woodlands along the slopes at Mad River Mountain.   

We initially decided to plant bare-root trees because they are less expensive than potted ones, easier to transport by foot on the slopes, and more likely to survive by natural irrigation.  Over time, we have transition to buying bare root trees, potting them in one gallon containers and allowing them to mature for at least a year in a “nursery” adjacent to the resort.  This has improved our survival rate, but requires more labor to transport and plant. These trees require care for at least three years to prevent them from being smothered by surrounding grass and brush and protection from deer.  ( )

I believe that this program fits the spirit of the Epic Promise of Doing Good by enhancing our environment and helping to ignite passion for the great outdoors. By beautifying our resort we help our guests have an Experience of a Lifetime.  

Your support for this program is greatly appreciated.

All the best, Ed Haas