MRM Ski Patrol You Tube Training Videos

The patrol has been creating videos of some key activities to provide a demonstration and support information for our patrollers when learning or refreshing. See below for a list of those already available. You can watch the video, then click your back button to return here, or when you link to one, others will be also visable as related videos. Be sure to hit the subscribe button to get notified when more are added.

1. Traction Splint 
2. Blanket Roll
3. Pelvic Splint
4. Oxygen Tank 
5. Prepare Landing Zone for Care Flight
6. Operate Snow Mobile
(REMINDER: Signed waiver AND Approval REQUIRED to Operate SnowMobile)
7. Pulse Oximeter
8. Contents of Trauma and Blue Bags
9. Sling and Swathe
10. Assessing Pupils
11. Toboggan Inspection & Packing
11. Airway Management
12. MULE Operations & Pick Up
13. Chair Evac Pt1 Procedures
14. Chair Evac Pt2 Equipment

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