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Patroller Scheduling

We are getting close to the projected opening day 12/19. Please remember to stay in good standing the requirement is 1.1 hour for every day the area is open. This season members must be on the schedule in order to ski. Your pass will only be activated on the days you are listed on the schedule. This is a Vail requirement due to Covid. If you have scheduled only one 4hr shift per week you will never make the 1.1 hour requirement. As you can see the schedule (accessible via link below) look a little light on certain shifts. Most of the school groups has decided not to have ski club this season, that should help with those crowded school group days. Also there will not be any Bands or Events this season.  I will be releasing our Covid procedures for the season this week. This season will present some challenges for the patrol as how we operate, we are committed to have the safest working environment.  

Thank you for your dedication and support, Scott