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MRM Ski Patrol Director Application

The MRMSP Executive Board is now accepting input from those interested in serving as the Patrol Director beginning July 1, 2024.  Please complete the following form to express interest. Applications will be accepted until November 19. Below the form is an abbreviated job description.  Revisions will be made as needed by the executive board to adapt to evolving requirements by Vail and NSP.

If available, please provide an NSP based resume.  This can be UPLOADED HERE or emailed to in addition to completing the following form.   

    Thank you for your interest in the Patrol Director position. Please complete the following basic contact information and provide some brief comments on why you wish to be considered. The Executive Board will review all submissions, meet with applicants as needed, then respond with results or potential next steps.

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    Comments about why you are interested and how your leadership would benefit the patrol

    Other further comments for consideration

    Patrol Director Position Guide


    • An active member in good standing with the National Ski Patrol (NSP) and the Mad River Mountain Ski Patrol (MRM-SP) classified as Senior, Senior Alpine or Certified patroller with at least 5 years of NSP service.
    • Served in any leadership role at MRM for at least 2 years (such as hill leader) and/or served in a leadership capacity at the region or division level for at least 1 year.
    • Familiar with the current Policies and Procedures of the NSP, NSP-Central Division, the NSP Ohio Region, and MRM-SP.
    • Show good leadership, communication, technical and organizational skills of benefit to the organization.


    • Serve MRM-SP and Vail management in accordance with ski area policies and the bylaws and policies and procedures.
    • Maintain communication and rapport with ski area management and with MRM-SP members.
    • Serve as an officer within the National Ski Patrol in accordance with the bylaws of the Central Division – NSP and Ohio Region – NSP as a representative for MRM-SP.
    • Support and foster the National Ski Patrol mission statement. Ensure compliance with National Ski Patrol national education requirements
    • Insure maintenance of administrative/financial records and data,  coordination of educational requirements, timely and accurate communications with patrol/management/NSP, and all required reporting to NSP and Vail management.
    • Provide organizational leadership to the patrol with support from selected staff and executive board.


    • Call for candidates will be made via posting on the Ski Patrol Website.
    • Applicant will be selected by the Executive Committee with approval of Area Management
    • The Executive Board is currently comprised of:  Chris Raudabaugh, Todd Shurtz, Cheryl Raudabaugh, Jim Vickroy, Troy Southwick, Tom Tavenner, Scott Griffith, Troy Green, John Norris, Wally Taylor.