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MASKS! Safety Alerts

Now that the season is underway, it’s time for a reminder of the importance of the safety protocols that have been established in alignment with CDC, Ohio, Vail, and NSP guidelines. We have also had our own internal medical review to make sure we were properly following the medical communities leadership. Please be sure to follow the guidelines for your safety and for those around you. Following are a couple important reminders and another copy of our summary policy.

  • MASKS, MASKS, MASKS: This is an imperative rule from Vail. If you are caught without a properly applied mask, you may receive one warning, then after that lose opportunity to return to the premises.
  • In patrol room kitchen. The limit is two people eating. If a third person needs to enter the room for something, they may walk through fully masked, get what they need, then leave – or stand outside the doorway to speak with others inside. You are most at risk when your mask is off to eat/drink. Please respect the safety of those eating.
  • In Aid Room. Remember Social Distancing. For those patients that do require care inside the building, of course do what is needed and follow appropriate safeguards for N95 mask, face shield and other PPE as needed. If anyone requires an additional N95 see your hill leader.
  • In Boot Room. Ideally limit to two people, but in busy times at least keep time to an absolute minimum and at no times should you be without a mask for more than the seconds need to change tops or types of mask.
  • With new strains working through the country, new recommendations include wearing two masks in some situations. Make sure whatever you wear it is at least two layers with no openings.
  • This is not the year to spend lots of extra time on patrol outside your shift. IF there is plenty of space you can come in the patrol area, but otherwise, grab your skis and go back outside. Catch up with friends/patrollers out on the hill, not inside. We MUST limit the number of folks in the patrol room at any given time. Remember, one person who tests positive for Covid could take out a lot of other patrollers.
  • Thank you for all your support and dedication in these trying times. Stay Safe and Enjoy Being on the Snow!