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What is the time commitment for being a Ski Patroller?

Candidates are required to complete the classroom and online course work – classes generally meet one day a week for several hours (the day of the week is determined based on student and instructor schedules).  Once Candidates successfully pass the OEC and Practical tests (they become OEC Technicians) and are required to work a regular shift and Mid Mad shifts just like Patrollers.

A Basic Patroller must provide an average of 8 hours of shift time per week during the normal ski season at the Mad River Mountain Ski Resort.  There are also requirements to help cover some Midnight Madness shifts.  Mad River Mountain may also host off season events where they will ask patrollers to help provide first responder services.

On the Off-Season, time is required to keep current with your Outdoor Emergency Care, Chair Lift Evacuation, and CPR requirements by refreshing or re-certifying.  There are also fund raising and non-skiing activities at the area that are needed for the normal operation of our patrol.

Feel free to ask questions as you consider the time commitment required.