New Lodge and Opening Notes

From Troy G 12/24/16:

All .. as we are getting the storage room put together we should have it completed by the end of this weekend. With that in mind we have to establish some ground rules. There will not be room for boot storage until we have boot dryers in place. You will need to take your boots home or keep them in your vehicle until the boot dryers are in place no timeline as to when that will be.

Also as a reminder THERE ARE NO FREE DRINKS IN THE CAFETERIA. If you get a cup of coffee or cocoa you will be charged for it. Do not argue with the cashiers this will result is a permanent loss of your meal card. ? We also have installed combination locks on our doors Chuck will be sending out a communication with combo information and it will also be in the Hill Leader log. >>> UPDATE>> The combo lock code is 2015

Again thank you all for your patience and understanding

From Troy G 12/20/16:

Attention Hill leaders – just a few updates:

  1. We can use a snowmobile as needed policy will be the same as last year with only up to 3 authorized users per your shift
  2. when closing the hill for the evening we only need to secure the outside door the key is on the counter next to the AED.
  3. The patrol room is still in the process of being assembled and we hope will have everything in place by the end of the holiday weekends.
  4. morning shift hill leaders you may find a toboggan or two in the aid room when you come in in the morning please use the chair lift loading handles and return them where they need to go.
  5. evening hill leaders please ensure the aid room is swept and cleaned up prior to departing for the night
  6. again please be patient as we continue to get everything in place
  7. we should have our new time clock system in place tomorrow
  8. radios are the same as last year we use channel 7 and channel 5 is the maintenance channel
  9. When bringing patients down to the aid room use the ski school side entrance as our entry you can take the portable cot down to the toboggan and transport through the building for the time being… no no word on the Gator at this time.

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