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Mini FUCU 12/11/21 & Sled Deployment 12/17/21

To begin, I’d like to say THANK YOU to everyone who helped clean the aid room on day of the OTH. The aid room looked AMAZING! Special THANK YOU to Shawn Roush for being my official “cat herder”!!

To finalized aid room preparation for the upcoming season, we will be holding a “mini” FUCU (Fix-up Clean-up) starting at 9am on Saturday 12/11/21. I’m told the aid room continues to be in good shape, so I don’t expect the FUCU on the 11th to go past 12 noon. It depends on how many folks show up to help.

The boot-up room needs a good once over, sled bags need packed, backboards need to be set aside to place in sleds on 17th, and anything missed at the OTH needs dusted/swept/cleaned. If whether permits, we’ll order pizza for lunch and eat outside the aid room. Please email me ( if you can help out. I think a dozen folks can get everything done within 2-3 hours.

For those of you who have flexible weekday schedules, please consider joining us in aid room on Friday the 17th at 9am. We will be deploying sleds on the hill and applying the final touches to aid room. We only need a handful of folks for the 17th, so please email me ( if you intend to join us. I wouldn’t want you to travel to area and not having anything for you to do on the 17th, so tell me if you intend to join us.

Thank you!

Tom Tavenner – APD Operations