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Initial Schedules Available

Below are the direct links to the “standard” planned shift schedules for the first two weeks of the planned season.

The A Week including Saturday, December 18 which is Opening Day.

The B Week including Saturday, December 25, Christmas Day.   The shift times will be adjusted for Christmas Eve and Day.

You can find the most current shift scheduling information by week at any time here: SCHEDULING or from the main menu select Members > MRM Schedule. (Normal password).

Please find your name and review / confirm the shifts.   Raise any concerns to Duncan and Sallie regarding your planned shifts. 

Our plan is to publish all shifts to phones on December 5, 2021.  We see that everyone has joined Sling.  Please add cell phone numbers and pictures.

We are looking forward to a great season.  Thank you to everyone for preparations to this point. Sallie and Duncan !