Senior Program

For those interested in becoming a Senior in the NSP, there are several paths open to you.  The most important is that you are ready to step up and take your skills to the next level!  To become  a Senior Alpine Patroller you will need to complete the following: Senior Ski, Senior Toboggan, Senior Module of OEC, three electives.  Some will choose to take a the path of becoming a Senior Patroller; this requires completion of Senior Module of OEC, Senior Aid Room Module and four electives.  You can also do the Senior Patroller first, then add the S&T portion to become a Senior Alpine Patroller.

A great place to start is the Senior Module of OEC.  If interested in starting training, please contact Jess Conley.  Eligibility to test in Jan is defined as follows: “A patroller who has a “Join Date” on their” National” Personal Profile of 1/1/2015 or before, qualifies to take the test on January 24th 2016. That means that a patroller who went through the OEC class in the fall of 2014 and passed their final OEC test and patrolled last season.”

Those interested in starting S&T training can contact Jim Vickroy.

Lots more information can be found on the Central Division Website!  click here >> NSP Senior Program

If you are ready to register for the Senior Program or would like a copy of the senior manual or other forms click here >> Senior Program – Ohio Region

Senior Electives are listed in the national P&P and a copy is on our website under Tips and Tricks, just scroll down Senior Electives


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